Repairs, Refurbishments & Modifications.

by Staffordshire 4×4

Our Projects!

Stay tuned for news on our current and previous projects!!

  • Defender 110 before its new raptor coating.

    Defender 110 before its respray. Was a teal and silver to a maroon and black beast

  • Defender 110 prepped for respray | Land Rover Specialists

    Working on the 110. Prepping the interior body for a coating of black raptor.

  • Defender 110 Respray and roof rack assembly

    Looking sharp! Defender 110 after its raptor coating and roof rack assembly!

  • Defender 110 Respray & Roof Rack.

    Looking sharp! Fresh tough raptor coating and roof rack assembly.

  • Defender 110 all lit up | Land Rover Specialists

    Lights, camera ACTION! Roof rack fully kitted out with 4 LED spots to the front and 2 to the rear. Can you see me now?

  • Defender 110 | Land Rover Specialists

    Two fine examples of Defenders all ready and waiting to go back to their owners!