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Blue Discovery 2

Blue Discovery 2.

As an avid off-roader, this customer needed some extra protection for his beloved blue discovery 2.

What we did:- 

  • Supplied and fitted a heavy duty rear bumper.
  • Supplied and fitted tree sliders L&R.
  • Supplied and fitted Safari snorkel.
  • Fitted heavy duty winch bumper.

This vehicle is our customers favourite toy. Having used it off road a lot of times he had reached the decision to upgrade a few accessories to protect the vital parts of his baby! A Safari snorkel to ensure maximum air intake when wading, Tree sliders to protect the sills, heavy duty bumper on the rear and a heavy duty winch bumper to pull him out of sticky situations!

Tree sliders.Safari snorkel Front winch bumper Heavy duty rear bumper     Ready for it's next adventure.

The result :- One blue discovery 2 ready for it’s next adventure!

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Defender 110 County.

Defender 110 County.

We purchased this Defender 110 County in 2014 with the intentions to make it a personal project. However, it grew interest and we knew we had to let it go! With plans to replace the chassis and various other components this 110 was ready for some TLC.

Body off, chassis out.Defender 110 CountyBody off, chassis ready to come out.

So we started by unbolting the body from the original chassis, leaving the engine, gearbox and axles in situ. Once the body was free we had the task of lifting it to allow the chassis to be removed.


After the chassis was free it was time to strip it down, taking the engine and gearbox away and also the axles to be re-fitted once the new chassis was in place. We also upgraded the original shock absorbers and suspension springs.


The final touches :- With the new chassis in place, all we needed to do was fit the engine and gear box and re-build the vehicle.

The body had seen better days with patches of white aerosol spray paint dotted around. A quick wipe with thinners and a colour match touch up and it was ready for collection!


What we did :-  Replaced original chassis with new galvanised chassis.

Upgraded suspension assembly with new shock absorbers and springs. Lifting its spirits.

Replaced clutch assembly.

Touched up body work to keep original colour looking fresh.

Result :- One stunning 110 County, One happy customer. Thumbs up!

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Orange Defender 110

Orange Defender 110.

A much looked after orange Defender 110 which sadly was showing signs of a long lived life. Mechanically sound, it just needed that extra bit of TLC to regain its former glory.

Orange Defender 110  Orange Defender 110  

The view of the orange defender after having the doors removed in preparation for the sanding work.

As you can see below, we had to strip back a lot of orange layers to ensure a nice, crisp and even finish to the paintwork.

             Orange defender 110

Once an even surface was obtained we went ahead with the paint! A vibrant orange to match the original swatch on the sides and new doors and also a covering of tough Raptor coating on the roof and wheel arches, giving this much beloved vehicle a brand new lease of life!

The finished vehicle. We are very proud of what we achieved and the owner was over-joyed. A sturdy utility vehicle, ready for what the lanes have to offer!!

What we provided :-

  • 4x Genuine Land Rover doors.
  • All sides and new doors re-sprayed with original orange swatch.
  • Tough raptor coating on the roof and wheel arches.

A joy to work on and a pleasure to see a classic vehicle restored.

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Discovery 2 Expedition Edition.

Discovery 2 Expedition edition.

  • Connector.


    A standard Discovery 2 which has been a loyal customer for many years has decided to become an all terrain expedition vehicle. Comfortably sleeping two persons and a dog and ready to take them on many adventures.

  • Connector.

    Work in progress

    So we were tasked with turning a standard Discovery 2 into an all terrain holiday retreat. First of all we fitted a roof rack, front and rear L.E.D spot lights, dual batteries with solar panel charging, heavy duty sills with tree sliders and one 2 man roof tent.

  • Connector.


    Once we completed the works we had to test to make sure everything worked to the customers specifications...They left very happy and ready to start travelling!

  • Discovery 2 expedition

    Discovery 2 as standard when it came to us.

  • Discovery 2 expedition

    Discovery 2 as standard before work was completed.

  • Discovery 2 expedition

    Discovery 2 rear passenger interior before work was completed.

  • Discovery 2 expedition

    With the addition of a 12v fridge, we were asked to re-arrange things a little.

  • Discovery 2 expedition

    With the addition of the battery box the fridge has been moved to where the rear seats were.

  • Discovery 2 expedition edition

    Complete with L.E.D strip lights to brighten up the kitchen prep area.

  • Discovery 2 expedition.

    Complete with Front runner™® slide away table and L.E.D strip lighting to make food prep a breeze.

  • 14247697_10155320806059569_1941856121_o
  • Discovery 2 Expedition edition.

    Don’t worry about lack of vision with front and rear spot lights. Never miss a turn again!

  • Discovery 2 expedition edition.

    With roof tent, sleeping 2 persons comfortably. Also with front and rear L.E.D spot lights to give maximum vision.

  • Discovery 2 expedition

    Adding the roof rack and the roof tent turned this Discovery 2 into a retreat for many adventures.

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Defender 110 Red or dead!

  • Connector.


    This Defender 110 arrived in a nice shade of teal with silver accessories. This defender has visited us for some years now, for various parts and accessories to be fitted. One day he decided to completely change its look!

  • Connector.

    Work in progress

    After having the vehicle re-sprayed in a maroon tough raptor coating. It was up to us to strip the interior down and prep it for the raptor coating in black. We also had a roof rack to fit complete with LED spot lighting.

  • Connector.

    Job well done!

    The finished vehicle surpassed the customers expectations, with smiles all around it was collected and driven off into the sunset!

  • Defender 110 Before:

    Defender 110 before its new raptor coating.

    Before its respray. Arrived in a teal and silver.

  • Defender 110 prepped for respray | Land Rover Specialists

         Working on the 110. Prepping the interior body for a coating of black raptor.

  • Defender 110 Work in progress | Land Rover Specialists

       The 110 being stripped and prepped for its interior coating of raptor in black.

  • Defender 110 Respray and roof rack assembly

    Looking sharp! Defender 110 after its raptor coating and roof rack assembly!

  • Defender 110 Respray & Roof Rack.

                          Looking sharp! Fresh tough raptor coating and roof rack assembly.

  • Defender 110 | Land Rover Specialists

    Two fine examples of Defenders all ready and waiting to go back to their owners!

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Extreme Discovery 3!

A Discovery 3 in for some TLC.

An extreme example of a Discovery 3. Used in all corners of the world for sporting events, this vehicle has to perform to its best. Today we have updated the front grille and added a heavy duty LED light bar. It has also undergone a performance upgrade to allow maximum power, torque and fuel efficiency.


Front view of Discovery 3 with LED light bar & upgraded grill

Close up of front grill on Discovery 3

Discovery 3 LED light bar

Close up of front grille & LED light bar

One of a fleet which we have looked after for a number of years. This vehicle has been modified to withstand the most difficult of conditions. Stay tuned for more news!

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