Defender 110 Respray & Roof Rack.

Defender 110 Red or dead!

  • Arrival

    This Defender 110 arrived in a nice shade of teal with silver accessories. This defender has visited us for some years now, for various parts and accessories to be fitted. One day he decided to completely change its look!

  • Work in progress

    After having the vehicle re-sprayed in a maroon tough raptor coating. It was up to us to strip the interior down and prep it for the raptor coating in black. We also had a roof rack to fit complete with LED spot lighting.

  • Job well done!

    The finished vehicle surpassed the customers expectations, with smiles all around it was collected and driven off into the sunset!

  • Defender 110 Before:

    Defender 110 before its new raptor coating.

    Before its respray. Arrived in a teal and silver.

  • Defender 110 prepped for respray | Land Rover Specialists

         Working on the 110. Prepping the interior body for a coating of black raptor.

  • Defender 110 Work in progress | Land Rover Specialists

       The 110 being stripped and prepped for its interior coating of raptor in black.

  • Defender 110 Respray and roof rack assembly

    Looking sharp! Defender 110 after its raptor coating and roof rack assembly!

  • Defender 110 Respray & Roof Rack.

                          Looking sharp! Fresh tough raptor coating and roof rack assembly.

  • Defender 110 | Land Rover Specialists

    Two fine examples of Defenders all ready and waiting to go back to their owners!