Tree sliders.

Blue Discovery 2

Blue Discovery 2.

As an avid off-roader, this customer needed some extra protection for his beloved blue discovery 2.

What we did:- 

  • Supplied and fitted a heavy duty rear bumper.
  • Supplied and fitted tree sliders L&R.
  • Supplied and fitted Safari snorkel.
  • Fitted heavy duty winch bumper.

This vehicle is our customers favourite toy. Having used it off road a lot of times he had reached the decision to upgrade a few accessories to protect the vital parts of his baby! A Safari snorkel to ensure maximum air intake when wading, Tree sliders to protect the sills, heavy duty bumper on the rear and a heavy duty winch bumper to pull him out of sticky situations!

Tree sliders.Safari snorkel Front winch bumper Heavy duty rear bumper     Ready for it's next adventure.

The result :- One blue discovery 2 ready for it’s next adventure!