Fitted at Staffordshire 4x4:

Pegasus Automatic Electric Power Side Steps

Enhance the look of your Land Rover, Range Rover or 4×4 with these very stylish automatic electric side steps.

Running boards that automatically open and close with any door that is being used. Stylish looks with a quality build, making these a very impressive addition to your cherished vehicle.

Stylish but Discreet

Enhancing the look of any Land Rover or Range Rover 4×4, Pegasus 4x4 Electric Side Steps a very stylish automatic electric side step that's only visible when in use otherwise neatly and automatically folds away.

Damage Prevention

Preventing damage to sideboards when you drive your vehicle off-road. Conventional fixed steps are normally very prone to irreparable damage over rough terrain. Replacement side steps are normally only supplied in pairs making the damage expensive.

Built to Last

Made from light weight aluminium but very strong.

Will support 110kg human weight.

Electric Hidden Running Boards

Contact Alex at Staffordshire 4x4 and ask how you can have a set of beautifully designed ultra-modern electric side steps fitted to your Land Rover or Range Rover, costing farless than you think. Visit Pegasus 4x4

Automatically Opens-Closes with Any Door

Pegasus running boards automatically open and close with any door that is either opened and closed. Looks incredibly impressive in your daily use.

Ease of access

Access to luggage rails or cleaning the roof can be a problem even to the tallest of users. With the Pegasus, Electric Side steps the jobs made a whole lot easier.

Sure Footed Gripping

Improved access to car with wider running boards and sure foot gripping for the young or less mobile

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